Who We Are

Our membership is made up of a diverse group of business people representing Canadian and United Arab Emirates companies. They are proprietors, presidents, chief executive officers, directors, general managers, partners, department heads and the self-employed who share a common interest in building better business relationships in the region. For a full listing of our members please visit our online members directory.

Our Board of Directors

The affairs of the Council are managed by a Board of Directors of eight elected members. The Past Chairman and a representative of the Canadian Embassy  are also invited to join the Board of Directors as ex-officio members. Officers including Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer and Secretary are determined by the elected members. All officers must be Canadian citizens resident in the U.A.E.

Our Team

Led by our Executive Coordinator, the CBC executive team manages the day to day affairs of the Council. Please do not hesitate to contact them regarding membership, events, sponsorship, etc…

Mission, Vision and Culture


We aspire to smartly connect business people from Canada and UAE to opportunities in the region, today and tomorrow.


To proactively bridge the Canadian and UAE businesses and collaborate to keep them dynamically interactive and prosperous within the Emirates of Abu Dhabi. By leveraging our deep knowledge of the UAE market & its future needs, we translate such core purpose into value for all members through our professional and committed services helping both business communities capturing the credentials of success.


We at the Canadian Business Council of Abu Dhabi work hard together to foster an environment of creativity and forward thinking as we want to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to bring their expertise and perspectives to achieve results with the highest integrity for our members who always come first.