Emirates CoreNiche Consultancy is a corporate governance consultancy and mainly divided into the following major lines/spheres:

  1. Corporate Assessment in View to Establish a Corporate Governance Framework including Benchmarking with International Codes & Best Practice.
  2. Corporate Governance Awareness Training Courses from one day to one week.
  3. Corporate Technology Assessment in View to update & Improve the level of Governance to Support the Organization Strategies, Optimize IT Investments and to Manage Related Risks.
  4. Corporate and Individual Training Courses including Information Security Management, Technology Governance and BIM.

Emirates CoreNiche Consultancy is offering discounts to CBC members as follows:

  1. 20% from our daily rate.
  2. 20% from our daily rate.
  3. 20% form the total cost.
  4. For each six trainees one will be free of charge.