Membership Categories

Membership Criteria & Applicable Fees

We encourage all companies and individuals who are Canadian, have an affiliation or are keen on developing business ties with Canada to join CBC Abu Dhabi. Membership is due on anniversary basis.

CORPORATE:  Annual Fee: AED 3500

  • Canadian companies established in the UAE having Canadian shareholding and/or Canadian management
  • Non- Canadian companies registered in the UAE may also apply

ASSOCIATE:  Annual Fee AED 1000

Individuals or companies who are neither Canadian citizens nor Canadian companies but are agents trading in the UAE on behalf of Canadian companies

INDIVIDUAL:  Annual Fee AED 1000

Canadian and Non-Canadian citizens who are executives of Canadian or non-Canadian companies or holding senior positions in commercial or non-commercial sectors in the UAE

OFFSHORE:  Annual Fee: CAD 500

Canadian companies located in Canada or overseas that have no presence in the UAE