Abu Dhabi, Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Andrea Hanak, representing Royal LePage Real Estate Company based in Toronto, in collaboration with the Canadian Business Council Abu Dhabi hosted a seminar on “Real Estate in Canada and the Greater Toronto Area”. The event took place at the Hilton Corniche Hotel, a CBC Gold sponsor, on March 13.

Ms. Hanak presented some statistics on Canada’s standing in the world as the second best country to live in, according to many studies, namely an annual one on “ BEST COUNTRIES Defining Success and Leadership in The Twenty-First Century”, By John Gerzema and David Reibstein Foreword by Sir Martin Sorrell; Toronto ranked third on the PWC list of the cities of opportunities in the world. Some of the indicators that the study was based on, include Intellectual capital and innovation, Health and Safety, Transportation and Infrastructure, economic clout, technology and demographics.  A video of Toronto downtown created by Ms. Hanak, illustrated the cleanliness, liveliness and some of its most beautiful mansions of the city.

It was noted that trade surplus for the first time in 2 years (526M+), a recovering job market (50,000 + jobs in December)and thekey interest rate will remain low to stimulate economy. Real Estate is key and it is driving the broader economy with a growth rate of 3.2% compared to an overall Canadian GDP growth of 1-2%.

Ms. Hanak shared the Ontario population projections, stating that “Ontario’s population is projected to grow by 30.1 per cent, or almost 4.2 million, over the next 26 years, from an estimated 13.8 million on July 1, 2015 to more than 17.9 million by July 1, 2041”. This will result in high demand for housing as a lot of immigrants are moving to the Greater Toronto area ever year and on the other hand a shortage of supply due to legal land restrictions.

Ms. Hanak briefly introduced Royal LePage, a 102 years old Real estate company with experience in residential and commercial real estate and full brokerage service. She listed 10 reasons to invest in Toronto Real estate and presented some of the best investment options in land, condos and houses, based on her extensive experience in the field.

The hour and a half presentation concluded with a brief overview of “The world Happiness Report of 2016” and the parameters that are considered when choosing the world’s happiest countries; Ms. Hanak stated: “ Canada consistently ranks in the top 10, thanks to its multiculturalism, tolerance , safety, economic stability, and opportunities that it offers to immigrants, All the better reasons to invest in Canadian real estate!”

Royal LePage is a Canadian real estate franchiser and owner-operator with more than 600 locations and over 17,000 Realtors in Canada. The company was founded on July 2, 1913 in Toronto, Canada by then 26-year-old Albert E. LePage, under the name “A.E. LePage, Bungalow Specialist.” In 1984, the company was renamed Royal LePage following a merger with Royal Trust co.

Today, the company is led by Phil Soper. Royal LePage is a Brookfield Real Estate Services Inc. company, a TSX-listed corporation trading under the symbol TSX:BRE. Royal LePage is now owned by the Brookfield Real Estate Services Fund.

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