Communities of Interest (COIs)

CBC has a number of Communities of Interest (COI) within its setup that bring together members interested in fields like Aerospace, Defense and Security, Arts & Culture, Youth and Education, Social Responsibility and Advocacy. Participation in the COIs is open to all CBC members. These COIs mainly provide a platform to:

  • Discuss and collaborate on developments, opportunities and issues in their particular field
  • Enable awareness of community events, activities, news, and other information sharing
  • Host programming that interests their members and establish projects and events that enable close collaboration. 

Lead a COI

The Communities of Interest are headed by a CBC board member or a CBC individual member by exception. However, CBC provides an opportunity for interested Gold and Platinum members to support and lead the COI in the same sector. This opens up the prospect of:

  • Developing networks and getting connected with professionals in your own industry, government bodies and potential clients or partners
  • Mentorship and encouragement of others in the profession
  • Driving solutions, building up on opportunities in your own sector through engagement of like-minded corporates and individuals.
  • Advancing professional development and training opportunities
  • Building your company’s visibility in the community as a visionary leader

We look forward to your leadership and participation in a Community of Interest at CBC and to furthering and supporting CBC’s efforts in enhancing collaboration and developing best practices in the business community.

To register for a Community of Interest, please email 

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